Chairman's Message

Dear Fellow Members,

The UMT Hong Kong Alumni Association (UMTHKAA) was founded in 2014. As of the founding of the Association, there are more than a thousand UMT alumni in Hong Kong.With the growing number of graduates of UMT Hong Kong, the Association serves the purpose of providing a platform that connects all of us together and continues to cultivate and strengthen the relationships of all UMT Alumni.

I am very honoured to be the Founding Chairman of the UMTHKAA. In 2014, I together with a group of unselfish and enthusiastic graduates formed a steering committee to establish this Alumni Association. It aims to develop the networks and friendship amongst UMT HK Office, our alumni and students. It also acts as a platform to enhance the linkage with the practitioners in the related professions outside.

UMTHKAA is led and managed by a talented enthusiastic group of UMTHK Alumni. We volunteer many hours of our busy lives to the UMTHKAA because we believe it is importantly to give every UMTHK student and alumnus the opportunity to stand side by side with government leaders, successful business people and all the other extraordinary people that are part of our Alumni family. We hope UMTHKAA can have secured impressive support and recognition from the public and society in fututre.

We feel proud and committed to provide quality services to all of you and wish to enrich this warming alumni platform and atmosphere, share and learn to growth together. In the coming years, the Executive Committee will organize seminars or activities of general interest to members, functions or events which are jointly organized by alumni associations of other universities, or other possible organizations. Details of these activities will be communicated to our members via email and the Association’s website.

I encourage you to actively participate in the activities organized by your UMTHKAA which can provide career development, knowledge enrichment, and networking opportunities. The prime objective of the Association, among other things, is to provide a platform for alumni of the UMTHKAA to enhance interaction and networking, to promote sharing of experience in the professions, not only amongst the UMTHKAA, but also with alumni of other Alumni Associations of local and overseas universities.

Thank you for surfing the alumni website. I hope you will visit this site more regularly to stay up-to-date on news and events of UMT HK and amongst our alumni.For any new ideas and suggestions on what UMTHKAA can do to foster a closer relationship amongst the members and between the members and the Association, or on the type of seminars and activities that you will be interested in, please feel free to contact us. I sincerely wish to see all the fellow members and graduates in the upcoming activities with our warm welcoming.

With warmest regards


Ir. Dr. C.K. HUNG

Founding Chairman